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:: !Group Features! ::

:iconpkmnskies: It is an anthro AND human roleplay group that combines the wonders of pokemon and animal crossing! Currently accepting recommendations.

:iconpkmn-steam: Another pokemon anthro group that mixes in steampunk elements! Currently accepting recommendations.

:iconpkmn-street: It's a cute little pokemon anthro slice-of-life type of group.It is going under a revamp and had an opening recently.

~ My Peeps ~

These peeps are what make my world go 'round and I wouldn't have it any other way.<3

To Do List

:bulletred: Chibi Prize for CT, Fia Chibi (Scan it!) (completely redo)
:bulletred: Princess-Hanners ART TRADE Jacobi <Incomplete>
:bulletred: HeartStringsXIII ART TRADE her Zaphary character eating with mine.


~*My DeviantArt Family*~ ::
My best friendy friend<3 - :iconcaptainbutter::iconhockeypocky:
My Hubsie-wubsie - :iconvoxrobotics: "OH MY SEXY, AMAZING, AND GLORIOUS SWEET COOKIES WHERE DO I START. When I first met you, you were FAAARR from what I assumed you were like and believe me...I'm EXTREMELY glad I was wrong! Instead you're this sweet, funny and over all amazing girl who understands and respects me in so many ways. Now that you're in my life I seriously don't want you out of it, so please do me the favor of staying in my life please<3 Besides, we need more children ok."
My Waifu - :iconwhitewing16: "MY SWEET, CARING AND DOWN RIGHT ADORABLE WAIFU HOW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Though we don't talk much I love our greetings to eachother and I look forward to them every single day, they just warm my heart<3. You're just an incredible girl packed FULL of talent and you sure can roleplay! OAO I already said this, but I love you, Waifu!<3!!"
My Step-Dad - :iconlazesexyplz:NUGGET DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING ACCOUNT "So can I start by saying this guy is HILARIOUS? xD He's got such a silly personality and the moment we met we were like "Ok lol we're insta besties bro kk? KK" I'm pretty sure that's how it happened. ANYWHO. He's been there nonSTOP for me, when I cried, when I had stomach aches from my sorrow, when I two-stepped for the first time......all of it. Just there to support me, give me advice and just fucking make me LOL when I was down. I can't ask for better friends like him because there are none. I love you, Nugget xDD You're fucking awesome!!"
My Papa - :icongafagear: "Oh gracious where do I begin with this BOY. You're just so crazy! You're VERY funny, lovable, adorable, sweet, just...everything. I'm glad I met you. Though you're A PUSHY BUTT SOMETIMES I can't get over how sweet you are<3 I look forward to texting you everyday, and talking to you on skype even though I'm WAY too scared and shy to talk to you alone on voice chat >w<;;; I hate that I am but gah I can't help it. You've drawn me so many things and I can't tell you how grateful I am, I can't draw as fast as you...but I wish I could draw out my love for you!! *NEW* sup bitch >w> bet you thought you saw the last of me huh. NO. D'aw sweetie, I noticed how old this paragraph was so I HAD to fix it up. x3 It's still true that I love you and you draw WAY too fast for your own good but I'm comfortable talking to you alone on skype. MORE than comfortable. You make my days better every time we talk and you still fill me with butterflies sometimes when we chat. I love you so much. I love the jokes you make while we watch movies, shows or youtube videos. I love the faces you can make but I'm so jealous of how you can still look so adorable when making those faces! Maybe that's just because I'm so attracted to you already. xD We have a blast every time we get to see each other in person and it never feels like enough. I can't wait for the day when we're living together. NAKED MOVIE NIGHTS WITH BROWNIES AND OTHER SWEETS!"
My Sisters - :iconclaireycontrary: "Though I'm not sure if she'll ever see this, I definitely need to include her because I consider her one of my closest friends, we've been friends for YEARS now. How long? Six? Five years now? Who knows, all I know is that I was seriously blessed by God to have met such a wonderful, caring, smart girl like you. When ever I think about you I just smile because we have THAT many great memories together. I hate that I rarely talk to you now, but I know its my fault and I'm terribly sorry for that... but just ALWAYS know that I will ALWAYS be there for you, to talk to you when ever because I care about you, I love you Pinkie, keep being seriously fantastic<3."
:iconhockeypocky: "My little amigo, my buddy, my gal pal, my sweet soul sistah. WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING CAN YOU ANSWER ME THIS PLEASE? PLZ? PLLZZZ. You just...bah. You're too stupid and I love it just kidding I'm the stupid one, love. No but seriously, you're like what I like to 'Universe' sis, where the universe knew we just HAD to meet or else life would end as we knew it. I love you, Nicurr<3!"
:iconprincess-hanners: "GIRL YOU ARE ONE OF MY TOP FIVE TEXTING BUDDIES AND I LOVE YOU TO DEATH LIKE FOR SERIOUS. You draw and text within seconds, and you just create all these meaningful messages that I can't comprehend how sweet you and they are. You're one of the sweetest girls I've ever met and I'm glad we met<3 Its crazy, but thanks to that ONE little roleplay with Simon and Mimi our friendship started and I wouldn't have it any other way."
:icondreamermb: "YOU ARE SO SWEET, SO ADORABLE, SO LOVABLE but also so paranoid! Girl you have nothing to worry about! I love you SOOO much!! We seriously get along great, have some of the best couples :iconsothereplz: and you keep Nicole and I from virtually ripping eachother's hair out. You're like the last piece of our friendship puzzle that completes us, I need you in my life! I seriously do, my docter said I need at least two doses of you per day or else bad things will happen!"
:iconlindsaypanes: "You are one of the craziest girls I've ever met, but thats why I love you. I love how organized you are, and how sweet you are, BUT YOU CAN ALSO BE A PANE but not really, sweetie Just like Dreamer you complete my life, but you're more like that first sip of your favorite drink on a hot summer day. So refreshing and worth having. I love you, girlie!"
My Aunt - :iconlhumina: "No offense but I always saw you being my aunt more than a sister because you get that 'I'll take care of you, and make you laugh when you're down!' kind of family vibe, and I love that about you, absolutely LOVE it!! I've honestly haven't met many if not never met a girl like you before because you're not afraid to speak your mind, or act silly but also caring. You can be serious when you need to, or joke around with us. You're the sweet peach to my basket of amazing fruit friends C:"
Crazy hobo I keep in my basement :icontheargoninja: "Argo, you're such a sweetie to me even though I can be a little mean or annoying to you, you're a super cool dude for that. I'm sorry it took me so long to add you to my family and friends list (again, I'm a meanie QAQ) but I suppose now is a better time than never! I have to admit when I first met you through my mario sequence entry my first thought was that you were a little weird but Achie cleared things up by saying "that's just Argo being Argo." AND NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE! Thanks to all our skype calls and games I've come to realize that you are weird. The fun kind of weird! You're a lovable, creative, REALLY sweet ninja who works really hard with art and it pays off. I enjoy seeing your animations and other works, keep them up! Anywhosies, I'm glad you're not a creep. >w> :huggle: achie is mine though also no more butt touches"

For my Nuzlocke I'll try a schedule of every OTHER Sunday. 

3 deviants said WHOO CAN'T WAIT!
2 deviants said I'll try having a page this Sunday to start it off!


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My little mascot is a red Raccoon who is the captain of a very nice ship! The roughest, toughest and CUTEST little Raccoon captain you'll ever see!

Some info here!

My usual interests are for groups are: Anthro and Pokemon groups. (Both together is definitely my main interest)

Groups I'm in: :iconpkmnskies::iconpkmn-armonia:

My lil baby Randall (Made by Shinobi-Kitty)

When u lit af wit squad after meth

ID I guess

My NSFW tumblr! - NOTE ME

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

About Me

About -> :iconcaptainbutter:
Okay so. Heres my info.
:bulletgreen: Name :: Shiny
:bulletgreen: Age :: 18
:bulletgreen: Birthday :: May 1st
:bulletgreen: Ethnicity :: Puerto Rican and Dominican
:bulletgreen: Taken by :: Gafagear
:bulletgreen: Interests :: Drawing, reading, creating new things, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Role-playing, Writing, etc.
:bulletred: :iconnorequests::bulletred: :iconarttradesfriendsonly: :bulletred: :iconcollabsfriendsonly::bulletred::icongiftsfriendsonly::bulletred::iconkiribansonhold::bulletred::iconcommissionsopen::bulletred:

Commission Journal -

To my sweetie tweetie~

I can't describe how many emotions you make me feel on a weekly basis. There's always so many to count and each of them come in ten times stronger than they probably should but I suppose that just shows how much I really care about you and also love you. You're so silly, funny and oddly's odd because unlike most humans your body isn't made up of mostly water it's made up of mostly gas and lame-o jokes. >w< Though, I guess god was like "hey....she burps a lot...and that's gassy.....he farts a lot and that's ALSO gassy....YEAH! They're perfect for each other!" Besides, we're both kind of annoying so who else would want to deal with how we usually act? >w> You're my best friend lovely boyfriend but....if we stay together, and I mean if we can TRULY stay together you have to answer this question for me....Wuss niyn pluhs teyn?

:: THANKS ::

THERE IS NO NEED TO THANK ME FOR FAVES, LLAMAS, OR WATCHES... anyway, I'm too busy and lazy to keep up with thanking all OF YOU AMAZING PEOPLE<3 I've decided to put my thanks here!
:bulletblue: THANK YOU for the favorite, you're really amazing and deserve a hug :huggle:
:bulletgreen: THANK YOU for the watch!! Like oh my goodness, you're so deliciously fabulous please let me worship you! :iconomgsocuteplz:
:bulletred: THANK YOU for the llama! I'll give you one back soon!!<3<3


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